Alma Black

Alma Black

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Alma is the new Suecos® footwear model, which incorporates our exclusive  Health Tech™ technology, offering a healthier step and improving people’s day-to-day life.

Health Tech™ is an exclusive Suecos® technology that integrates an ergonomic design in the different footwear parts with highly technological and last generation materials, to achieve footwear that favours the health and well-being of the professionals and of those looking for more comfort in their day-to-day life.

ALMA has a neutral, sleek and functional Scandinavian design. Sizes are available from 36 up to 50. 


- The breathable mesh upper fabric moulds to foot and keeps it dry.

- The CoolTech™ lining is a soft technical fabric that favours rapid drying of moisture.

- The removable insole Air System Honeycomb™ with ventilation ports, distribute step pressure along the sole.

- The ultra-light and anti-slip outsole in Suecos® unique X-Cell™ material, based on EVA, provides great shock absorption that cushions every step and offers relief on feet, knees and back.

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