Balder Blue

Balder Blue

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Are you are looking for easy to clean and sterilizable clogs? Thanks to Balder, your favourite clogs are now fully autoclavable up to 134º. 
Here at Suecos® we care about your safety and wellbeing in your workplace. This is why Balder has anti-static properties. Its anti-slip outer sole and the adjustable safety straps allow for secure hold and for the shoe to fit perfectly with your foot. In addition, Balder comes with comfortable silicon soles, which help to better distribute the weight across the foot and thereby avoid pressure points. In Nordic mythology, Balder is the god of light and purity. 

Our Balder is easy to clean and sterilize, and we recommend its use for clean rooms, for example as O.R. clogs in hospitals and clinics or in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Balder is available in three colours: green, blue and white. 

Recommended for Nurses, Waitresses, Vets, and anyone standing on their feet for long periods of times.

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